Plus Size Black Costume Pants

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Picking the right pants is an important decision, maybe even the most important one you make before you head out every day

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One safe bet is to slap on these Plus Size Black Pants! Black formal clothes all go together with other black clothes, no questions asked

The worst case scenario is that you'll look like a Maitre D, or a mysterious, sharply-dressed, country singer, but in the world of fashion, it could be much worse

So, go ahead and wear these comfy black pants with your black socks, shoes, belt, and jacket, and you'll look great

The color of pants you choose is going to decide if your shoes, belt, socks, jacket, and everything else go together, or if it's all just a jumbled mess! Sorry to sound so dramatic, we're just having flashbacks to the time we wore black socks with khaki slacks, and we were the laughing stock of the regatta..